Milin Li

Milin was born in Taiwan and currently resides in Montreal. She is interested in interactive media, where she works to uncover unique and new ways to develop them in a playful manner, such as transitioning gaming experiences away from screens, creating unconventional controllers, and implementing physical body movements into games. Milin was a part of the team that developed Deathwhiff 3000, a smell-based video game that was shown at Digifest Toronto and featured in Amazing Independence Magazine. She participated in the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2015, where her team’s game won Best Game Design and was nominated for Best Prototype, Best Art Direction, Best Technical Challenge and Innovation, and Best Quality of the “3Cs (Character, Controls and Camera)”. She was also part of Critical Hit Montreal 2015; her final game, (UN)DONE, was showcased at GamePlay Space in Montreal.