Le Nguyen

Maria Mahdessian

Mel Palapuz

Julia Panchyzhna

Hailey Turcato

Longhand is an attempt to explore the complexity of our identities and how we can express them in a moment in time. Stemming from Taiye Selasi’s TedTalk on the 3R’s – Rituals, Restrictions, and Relationships – identity is much more than “where” we are from, it is where we are a “local”. With this in mind, Longhand aims to explore identity through gestural expression at a specific moment: how do people express their identities through writing and contributing to a greater, public space at Concordia’s Spectrum Year End show? By interacting with the piece the participant is encouraged to contribute, play, and question this very intention. #LONGHANDPROJECT

Translucent paper, wire, indigenous rocks
20 x 4 x 10 ft.