Mariana Leyton

I AM The concept behind this piece is inspired by the “art process” which refers to an artistic movement where the end product is not the principal focus. The process in “art process” refers to the process of the formation of art, the gathering, sorting, collating, associating, patterning and actions created by it.
By being concerned with the actual doing the actions themselves can be considered a piece of art on their own. In this case, the process became as important as the final product. My intention is to express art as a creative journey or process rather than a deliverable or end product.
To create this poster a first scanned my fingerprint, later I vectorized it and created an stencil 15 inches by 25 inches. Once printed I proceeded to stamp my fingerprint with black pigment and I took a picture every time I placed my finger on top of the stencil. With over 500 photographs I created a stop motion video to show the process. Once I covered up all the edges with my finger print full of ink I removed the stencil and obtained this beautiful composition. I’m currently working on a series of this poster.

Paper, stamp, ink
20 x 30 in.